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Crypto Trading vs. Forex Trading: Which is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

Crypto vs. Forex Trading has generated lots of conversations, will probably like analyse both of them. Cryptocurrencies, often known as virtual currencies, have become a hot investment option during the last few years. However, not everyone learns how to invest in this space and whether it's safe to do so.

Cryptocurrencies and trading them are two completely different things. Trading is an automated process of selling and buying assets based on their current price. Quite simply, it's the action of quickly selling and buying assets to make a profit from small fluctuations in price.

Alternatively, investing in cryptocurrencies means buying a digital currency with the intention of keeping it for long-term value appreciation. This strategy requires patience and discipline because digital currencies fluctuate frequently and there's always the chance of losing your money unless you know what you're doing.

Crypto vs. Forex Trading: Which Should You Choose? we will explore some fundamental differences between crypto trading and forex trading that can assist you to decide which market is effective for you as an investor or trader.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to serve as digital assets. You're most likely heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

To keep your other altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, or Cardano with a single crypto funding site like Gatecoin. You might've also heard about ICOs, which are another way for startups to raise funds for new projects.

There's no one standard definition of a cryptocurrency, but some basics you ought to know include that it is a digital asset that you can use as a medium of exchange and is decentralized, meaning it's not controlled or regulated by a single entity.

Crypto Trading

Unlike forex trading, a fully automated process, you can't simply trade cryptocurrencies with a simple brokerage account. It is because cryptocurrencies are still not regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States.

Therefore they're not heavily regulated and therefore you have to deal with many items yourself when you trade. Trading cryptocurrencies is akin to trading stocks on an exchange, but unlike stocks, you don't trade for every person like you would with Forex.

You trade Crypto futures, options, and other derivatives to hedge your exposure to risk. There are different ways to trade cryptocurrencies. You can trade a single asset or trade on a cryptocurrency-based exchange.

When trading on a crypto-based exchange, you usually buy shares of a specific cryptocurrency fund and then sell them later on to realize your profit. Whilst the exchange controls the purchase and sale of the underlying asset, many turns are not regulated.

Forex Trading

Forex is the trading of one currency against another. Common examples of Forex trading include trading between the US dollar and the Japanese yen, the British pound and the Euro, or the Indian Rupee and the Chinese Yuan.

However, there are different varieties of Forex trading. Spot Forex is trading where the exchange rates are always recorded, for example, when you trade the US dollar to the euro. Futures Forex is trading that takes place between two future dates.

For example, you can trade the British pound against bitcoins in October 2020. You can even trade a single currency against the US dollar. Known as spot trading. Options Forex is selling and buying some currency at an agreed-upon price on a specific date. Known as a forward contract.

Which Is Safer: Cryptocurrency or Forex?

The biggest rule of investing will be to invest whatever you can afford to lose. When you're forex trading cryptocurrencies, you're exposing yourself to huge risks because they're not regulated like other asset classes like stocks and bonds. Forex trading is a highly regulated market, and the financial penalties for violating the rules can be severe.

You can also find financial penalties for investors who lose money in trading on regulated forex exchanges. There are several benefits to Forex trading, including the capability to hedge risks by shorting or going long on a variety of currencies.

Plus, Forex trading facilitates trading on quite a few regulated exchanges. However, Forex trading can also be a highly regulated market with stringent requirements that cryptocurrency exchanges aren't required to follow.

Bottom Line

Crypto vs. Forex Trading: Which Should You Choose? There is a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies and many investors are lured into this market as they expect tremendous returns. However, forex trading is a highly regulated market with stringent requirements that cryptocurrencies aren't required to follow. That's why it's much safer to purchase forex than in cryptocurrencies.

How to Increase Credit Limit on Your Credit Card

Are you looking for a possible way to Increase the Credit Limit on Your Credit Card?

Some credit card companies will automatically increase your credit limit. If not, you will have to inquire.

According to how secure your finances are, getting a greater credit limit on your credit card can be advantageous or detrimental. Increasing your credit limit can provide more freedom and improve your credit scores by lowering your credit utilization ratio whenever you can pay your credit card bill in full and on time each month. However, if you battle with overspending, a bigger credit limit can make it worse.

Here are 4 methods for raising your Credit Limit on Your Credit Card


  1. Online Request submission

Many credit card banks let their cardholders submit online requests for credit limit increases. Log into your account and seek a request submission option. You will need to update your income data. Greater financial security may be indicated by a higher income, which issuers may consider when assessing your request.

2. Call the company that issued your card. 

Ask a customer care agent when you call the number on the rear of your card if you qualify for a bigger credit limit. The representative could inquire regarding the basis for your request together with whether your income has lately increased.

3. Use your Credit card often. 

When a cardholder has had it for some time and has been using it responsibly, some companies automatically boost their credit limit for them.

4. Request a new card. 

Your application for a new credit card with a greater limit may be accepted should you have past timely payments on existing credit lines and if your credit is strong. Your total credit line grows to get the job done new card's limit isn't bigger than the one you now have.

The benefits of having a higher Credit Limit


A greater limit can improve your credit as a conscientious cardholder with good or excellent credit by lowering your credit use. Your credit ratings are heavily influenced by your credit usage, or how your main available credit is actually being used. High use denotes that you aren't living within your means, whereas low utilization indicates that you are.

Although you may pay off your balances, it might hurt your credit ratings if you utilize most or all of your current credit limit each month. Use 30 percent or less of your credit limit overall and on each card as a general guideline for optimum credit use.

A greater credit limit can improve your credit by lowering your credit use if you utilize your card responsibly.
After you've begun making more money, raising your credit limit will let you because your finances may be more flexible. Let's say your credit limit is $1,000 and your monthly credit usage averages $500. Your credit usage is 50%, which is more than the suggested level of 30%. However, if your limit is increased to $5,000 sticking with the same $500 in expenditures, your usage falls to 10%, which can improve your credit.

Before demanding a higher limit, consider your options.

Consider your reasons for desiring a bigger credit limit looking confident that the existing one. Do it now if you'd like flexibility or lower utilization. A greater credit limit, however, is unlikely to assist you if you constantly find yourself in a financial emergency and might potentially make things worse. Additionally, remember the following:

Timing is crucial. There are favorable and unfavorable moments to request a raise. Generally speaking, you should hold off on getting a new card until you've received a pay raise, built up strong credit, or both with the current issuer. Conversely, you might need to wait before requesting more wiggle room on your credit line if your income has decreased, you've applied for another credit line, or your credit isn't in the finest shape.

Your credit may suffer from it. A request for a credit limit increase may lead to a hard inquiry into your credit record, which can lower your score, particularly if you've applied for an additional credit line recently.

What You Need To Know Before Using Your First Time Credit Card

Your first credit card can either result in a mound of debt that you fight to get rid of for years or it would be the first step toward having a solid financial future and a high credit score. Below are some pointers to assist you in making the correct decisions before using your first credit card.

1.  Set a Budget

Although using a bank card is a straightforward way to make purchases and accrue rewards, you shouldn't use it to make unaffordable purchases. You may avoid going into debt with a realistic sense of what you can spend and pay off after the month.

Try creating a budget using the 50/30/20 rule, which recommends allocating 50% of your gross income to essentials like housing and food, 30% or less to wants but no needs, and 20% or more to savings and debt repayment. This will assist in keeping your credit card usage in accordance with your income and other priorities for saving and spending.

2.  Keep Track of Your Purchases

The first task is figuring out what kind of money is available for you to spend. After that, be diligent about monitoring your purchases throughout the month, perhaps with the mobile app or website for your credit card. Avoid using the card once you've reached your monthly spending cap until the balance is paid in full. This level of self-discipline keeps you debt free and improves your credit score.

3.  Set Automatic Payments

Adjusting to paying a bill each month can take some time. Make sure your credit card payments are made on time by setting up automated payments before the due date. Be sure to find the money in your checking account before the scheduled payment and that the amount is greater than the minimum payment—ideally, your entire balance. Otherwise, a late fee or a returned payment cost may be assessed. 1

Paying bills on time is particularly crucial because your credit track record, a three-digit figure used by lenders to assess your credit utilization, is largely influenced by your payment history. To maintain a high credit score, try to pay all your unpaid bills on schedule.

4.  Use Little of Your Credit Limit if Possible

It may be tempting to charge everything allowed on your credit card, but it's vital to resist the urge. The second major factor affecting your credit track record is credit utilization, or how much your main credit limit you are actually utilizing. To your credit rating can be impacted if you rack up a big credit card balance and carry it from month to month. Additionally, it may provide the groundwork for accumulating unsecured debt, and this can be difficult to pay off.

5. Pay Your Bill in Full Each Month

You are only required to pay the minimum payment, a percentage of your debt due, by your credit card company. Even while it may look much simpler and less costly to pay only a portion of what you owe, doing so becomes costing you money actually run.

If you just make the bare minimum outgoing each month, interest will be added to your debt until it is paid in full. Since a percentage of your payment will go toward interest accrued, your debt will only reduce somewhat each month. The final word? You can avoid paying interest by paying off your bill in full each month.

6.  Check Your Statement Regularly

Your credit card company will provide you with a statement every month that lists all your purchases from the previous payment cycle. Even should you have planned your monthly payment, it remains vital to read your billing statement. Reviewing your statement will support you in finding any mistakes or unlawful charges. When you notice either of these, notify your credit card company right away so that it could be resolved.

7.  Redeem Rewards

Be sure to comprehend the rewards program should you have picked a rewards credit card as your first credit card. Spend in the areas that reward you the most, like restaurants or gas, to obtain the most cash back or points.

Don't let your awards sit around unused after that. You can exchange rewards for a statement credit, a check to your bank account, travel, lodging, gift cards, and more, depending on your credit card. There are several prizes that must help a certain date or they will expire. The expiration policy of your card is available in the fine print.

8.  Use the Extra Perks

In combination with cash back or travel rewards, many credit cards also provide other benefits. A few benefits provided by many credit cards include an extended warranty, free rental vehicle insurance, waived checked baggage fees, travel insurance, and price protection, which offers a return if an item's price reduces after you purchase it. For those who have any questions about the benefits that are included in your credit card, call customer care or log into your online account to examine your credit card agreement.

9.  Know Your Fees, and How to Avoid Them

Excluding an annual fee, you can avoid paying most credit card fees by abstaining from particular actions. For instance, you can pay your bills on schedule to avoid incurring late fees. To avoid paying a cash advance fee, avoid the cash advance. Simply by using a card that doesn't charge them, you can avoid paying foreign transaction fees when making purchases abroad.

10.  Download Mobile App

You may manage your credit card account while on the highway by utilizing the mobile app for your credit card. To access your balance, check your available credit, verify that your payment was posted, and more, you can log in at any time. You could accomplish a lot of things using the browser on your phone, but apps are frequently made to be quicker and simpler to use on mobile devices.

Masters Degree Program in USA with Scholarship - Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA

Are you looking for a master's degree program in the USA with a scholarship, or looking for a way to continue your study in the USA? You are lucky. This post highlights master's programs in the USA with scholarships, but most of them also have other undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students. Masters Scholarships in the USA for African students, full scholarships for undergraduate international students, how to apply for master's programs with scholarships, and scholarships for post-graduate studies in the USA are all-inclusive. 

In the US, there are thousands of master's programs in the USA with scholarships for the 2022-2023 sessions open to international students in top Universities and colleges. The benefits of the scholarships or grants range from about $1000 monthly allowance, coverage for accommodation, travel expenses, health insurance, and tuition fees.

You can apply for a master's degree program in USA with a scholarship if you are looking for a master's degree, scholarships for a doctorate degree if you are looking for Ph.D., scholarships for undergraduate if you are looking for a bachelor's degree in reputable universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, Berea College, Clark University and so on.

List of Master's Degree Programs in the USA with Scholarship 

Fullbright Scholarships USA

Fullbright scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. The Fulbright foreign student program is available for both master's programs in the USA with scholarship and Ph.D. studies.

Benefits of Fullbright foreign student scholarship program:

  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • travel expenses
  • accommodation coverage
  • health insurance
Study level: Msc/ Ph.d
For more info on eligibility, and the application process, Click here

Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University scholarship is another fully-funded scholarship for both master's and Ph.D. studies available for international students. 

Benefits of Stanford university scholarship program:

  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • travel expenses
  • accommodation coverage
Study level: Msc/ Ph.d
For more info on eligibility, the application process, and deadline, Click Here

Yale University Scholarships USA

Yale University scholarship is yet another fully funded scholarship for international students that is available for undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D degrees. The scholarship program is based on the need

Benefits of Yale University Scholarship program:

On average, the value of the scholarship program is about $50,000. However, this may vary according to the need of the beneficiary from some hundreds of dollars to about $70,000 yearly.

Study level: Bsc/ Msc/ Ph.d
For more info on eligibility, application process and timeline Click Here

University of New Haven Scholarship

Master's program in the USA with a scholarship is offered in the University of New Haven Scholarship program. It is also a fully-funded scholarship for international students just for master's degree. It is not available for undergraduate or doctorate degrees of study. 

The scholarship program offers an existential learning process and job opportunities all through the study program.

Benefits of the University of New Haven Scholarship program:
  • 75% coverage of tuition expenses
  • By the hour pay 
Study level: Master's degree
For more information, on the application process and timeline, Click Here

University of Memphis Scholarships

The University of Memphis scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students with undergraduate and master's degrees.

The value of the scholarship differs and accounts for the variance in tuition fees for local and international students.

Study level: Undergraduate and Master's degree
For more info on eligibility, the application process, and deadline, Click Here

University of Minnesota Fellowship

The University of Minnesota fellowship is strictly a master's program in the USA with scholarship only.

Benefits of the University of Minnesota Fellowship:
  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • travel expenses
  • accommodation coverage
Study level: Master's degree
For more information, application process, and deadline Click Here

AAUW International Fellowship Program

The AAUW International Fellowship program is a fully-funded scholarship for international students worldwide. This scholarship program is sponsored by the American Association of University Women in the USA. The offer is for both graduate and post-graduate degrees.

The value of the scholarship program is between $18,000 to $30,000 yearly. However, the beneficiary must meet a minimum academic performance to qualify and continue enjoying its benefits

Study level: Masters, doctorate, and post-doctoral degree
For more information, on the application process and deadline, Click Here

ACI Foundation Scholarship

The ACI foundation scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students available for undergraduate, master's, doctorate, and post-doctoral levels of study. 

Benefits of the ACI Foundation Scholarship program:
  • $10,000 -$15,000 education allowance for tuition 
  • accommodation
  • books and materials
Study level: Undergraduate, master's, doctorate, and post-doctoral degree
For more information, on the application process, and the deadline Click Here

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship for international students available for undergraduate and master's levels of study. The scholarship program is available at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania

benefits of Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program:
  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • travel expenses
  • accommodation coverage
  • health insurance
Study level: Undergraduate and Master's degree
For more information, on the application process and deadline Click here

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students offered for master's and Ph.D degrees. The scholarship is available in the USA, Sweden, Australia, Japan, the UK, and Thailand

Benefits of Rotary Peace Fellowship Program:
  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • round trip travel expenses
  • accommodation coverage
  • internship
  • field study expenses
Study level: Master's degree and Certificate studies
For more information, on the application process, and deadline Click Here

Master's Program in the USA with a scholarship is fundamentally a major platform for African students to migrate and continue their study abroad. As some scholarship programs make it easy for them to get jobs after their scholarship programs and obtain Permanent residency in USA.

Personal Finance: Things You Must Do to Protect Your Finances Before the Next Recession

I am going to talk about the most important Things You Must Do to Protect Your Finances Before the Next Recession in this personal finance guide.

The next recession could be just around the corner. It's on pace to arrive sooner than many experts previously thought. But before it does, you require action now to protect your finances in case this is no more the road for you.

To prepare for the worst, you require a deep dive into your finances and examine for you to make changes that will assist safeguard against future financial hardships.

You should put yourself inexpensively and develop a plan for tips on how to live within your means and save money over time. If you do these things now, put simply when the storm comes because you'll know exactly what is required to be done and have enough cash to get through it.

Keep reading to learn things you want to do before the next recession so that if one does come calling, you're not completely unprepared.

How to Protect Your Finances Before the Next Recession

Develop a spending plan and stick to it religiously

When the next recession hits, it can be much easier for people to slip back into bad financial habits than it was in the last recession.

You must make a conscious effort to stay on your finances and develop a spending plan that you follow religiously.

That way, you can ensure that you have some savings set aside should you have to cover unexpected expenses that pop up. To stay on your finances.

Hence, you intend to make a plan for how you are going to save money. A spending plan will help you see where your money is going and help you avoid overspending on anything.

Ditch your debt

If the next recession does come, it can be much easier to leave debt if you already possess a plan for doing so. Bad financial habits are much easier to get when you're already in debt.

That's why it's so essential that you ditch your debts as fast as possible. The longer you're in debt, the easier it is going to get back into it. And if the next recession is coming on strong, you ought not to risk being in debt when it happens.

Currently, there are many men and women with high levels of debt right now. That's because the economy has been bad for so long, and now it's getting even worse. Which of course means so when it weakens.

The debt will be difficult to shake off. That's why it's so essential that you ditch your debts the moment possible. Lifestyle is much easier when the next recession arrives.

Take an interest in investing

Among the best actions to protect your finances next recession is to obtain additional involvement in investing. The government recommends that you have got between 10 and 15% of your income saved in an investment account.

That way, if the economy tanks and you lose your job, you'll at least have some cash available to you. Investment accounts come in many different forms, though the most frequent is a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. A 401(k) is offered by a company and is like a regular pension.

That's because the employer has to contribute a portion of your salary, and you may withdraw that money when you retire. However, some people think that a 401(k) is bad because it's funded by the government. A Roth IRA is completely funded by you.

This means you won't have to worry about taxes when you withdraw the money later because the money is already taxed. What's important to note is that you have to be able to get yourself and your money someplace safe.

You will have a lot more money open to you and are much less likely to get involved with trouble for those who have some investments that one could fall back on.

Protect your home equity

Another thing considers to protect your finances next recession is to protect your home equity. The housing market is the most important part of the economy, also it's on the list of hardest to predict.

If there's a recession, people will likely start to worry. And when they worry, they're likely to start searching for a new house. In case you have lots of home equity, you will have a lot less to lose.

This means getting the job done next recession causes the cost of homes to drop, you'll still have lots of cash saved up to provide you back on your feet. You ought not to risk doing anything to jeopardize your home equity, but you will want to make certain if the next recession hits, you do have a plan for protecting it.

It's the most important part of your financial well-being, and you want to make certain it's protected during a recession.

Protect your health Insurance coverage

In the next recession, you may also have bad health insurance coverage. If fewer people have coverage, you'll likely be taxed more when you have it. Hence, you are going to be grouped in with those who can't afford coverage.

Thus, the government will see you as being in a similar boat as those who don't put on coverage. That means that you are forced to pay a great deal more when you do get health insurance coverage. That's something that you have to take seriously and plan for.

The easiest method to do this is by looking at all your options and ensuring that you're not stuck with a plan you don't like.

Final thoughts

Fortunately, the world doesn't stop spinning just because the economy does. This implies that you're going as a way to find a job, get a loan, and even get into a house during the next recession.

So that it is even more essential that you take action now to protect your finances. Among the best actions is yourself some investments.

If you do this, you'll expect to protect your home equity and have some extra cash open to you should the next recession hit.

Full Scholarships in USA for International Students 2023/2024

Full Scholarships in USA for African Students and International Students; Apply for Fully Funded US Scholarships for international students from African and developing countries in American Universities. Study Bachelors, Masters, PhD Degree in USA

There are more than 1500 fully-funded master's scholarships for international students. These scholarships provide the students with a monthly stipend of $1000 along with accommodation allowance, tuition fees, and health sbd travel insurance. Read on to discover some of the fully funded scholarships in the United States. 

Most international students are interested in studying in the United States. Many of them want to study in top universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. However, not all international students who want to study in the U.S. can afford to pay for their studies out of pocket. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships that provide full funding for international students who want to attend one of these schools so that they can pursue their educational dreams without having to worry about other financial issues.

Fully Funded Scholarship Programs in USA for International Students

Below are links to fully funded scholarships for international students in USA, for African students and International Students;

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The vision of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to educate and develop bright yet economically marginalized young people in Africa and developing countries who have a demonstrated “give-back” ethos and who will contribute to the transformation of the continent.

The Scholarship Program is anticipated to benefit 15,000 young people within 8 to 10 years. The following US universities are partnering with MasterCard Foundation to offer scholarships for students from Africa and developing countries. Learn more about MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

The MasterCard Foundation education initiative at Stanford University USA will provide comprehensive support to 20 talented but economically disadvantaged students from Africa over the next eight years to gain scholarships in USA. The Scholars Program will support five (5) undergraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa each year.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University welcomed 10 undergraduate students from seven African nations in 2012, as the first class of MasterCard Foundation Scholars to begin studies at ASU. 

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University (MSU)

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to provide full-tuition scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The university will receive $45 million in funding from the foundation to support 185 scholars throughout the nine-year program, which includes 100 four-year undergraduates and 85 master’s degree students.

Level of Study: Undergraduate and Master’s degree

Different Types of USA Scholarships for International Students

There are many different types of scholarships for international students in the U.S., such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, and Truman scholarships. These types of scholarships vary in their requirements and eligibility requirements. Some scholarship opportunities, like the Rotary International Grants Program, require no academic or personal achievement to qualify, while others allow you to apply with your grades from other countries.

Some scholarships are easier to apply for than others, too. Some scholarship programs require a transcript or a completed application that is mailed in by post or online. Others ask for a letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to your character and ability to succeed at the university you're applying for admission into.

Application Process for Fully Funded Scholarships in USA

If you want to apply for U.S.A scholarships, it's important that you've done your research before applying. You'll need to complete a scholarship application form, which includes a detailed essay and resumes of your academic and personal achievements.

You'll also need to submit a transcript from your current institution as well as one from any other institutions you've attended if necessary. If you have any questions about the scholarship application process, feel free to contact the relevant program administrator or check out their website for more information on how to apply.

USA Scholarships for International Students

There are a number of scholarships for international students in the United States. Some of these scholarships include Fulbright, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and the Krieger National Science Foundation fellowship.

Some of these options are limited to those who have already spent time living in the U.S. or who are citizens of certain countries, making them less desirable to international students looking for scholarships that provide full funding.

If you're looking for a scholarship with no strings attached, then you should consider applying for private scholarships as they don't mandate any strings attached to their funds and can give you more control over what happens with your money. But if you're interested in learning more about public sources of U.S.-based scholarships, then this guide provides information on how to find them and how to apply for them online without needing a physical presence in the country.

How to find financial aid as an international student in the United States

If you want to study in the United States, there is no need to go without. There is a wide range of scholarships available for international students, but not all of them are easy to obtain. What you need to do is find out which scholarships are available for international students and then figure out how to apply for them.

You can start your scholarship search by following these steps:

- Figure out which universities in the U.S. are accessible via public or private funding sources

- Find out which programs offer scholarships specifically for international students

- Identify any scholarship opportunities that you qualify for based on your academic standing or other factors

- Contact each of the schools offering scholarships and ask them about their specific application process and deadline

- Apply online if possible or submit an application via mail

List of Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in USA

1. The Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright scholarship is one of the most prestigious honors for international students looking to study in the United States. It's available for all subjects and it's open to anyone who wants to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies. Though this scholarship doesn't cover tuition, you'll still have a chance at a full scholarship through other scholarships that are meant specifically for international students.

2. The U.S. Department of State Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Program

This program provides fellowships to students who want to study abroad in a certain foreign language or area studies field like political science, economics, etc.), but who don't meet specific academic requirements like GPA or test scores needed by some other programs like Fulbright Scholarships.

3. The Cornell-in-London Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need without regard to the passport type or country of origin of the applicant. These scholarships provide both tuition assistance as well as living expenses while studying in London, so they're an excellent source of funding if you don't live near London and can't depend on family members for help with expenses during your stay there.

4. Harvard University International Fellowships

HUIFs provides full funding for international fellows from anywhere around the world who want to pursue their graduate degrees at Harvard University. You'll need a master's degree from an accredited institution before applying for these fellowships (which means you must have graduated within the

Private Scholarships for International Students in USA

There are many private scholarships available to international students, such as the Rasmuson Foundation Scholarship and the Seymour Adelson Scholarship. These scholarships are typically awarded based on merit, academic achievement, and/or financial need.

Public Scholarships for International Students in USA

There are also a variety of public scholarship programs available to international students in the U.S., including those from the U.S. State Department, Fulbright Program, and other organizations like the United States Student Association and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While there are many different scholarship opportunities that provide full funding for international students who want to study at top universities in the country, these three programs tend to be some of the most accessible to international students looking for funding.